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Among the Azaleas: Seve Corradi Lives Out A Dream

Among the Azaleas: Seve Corradi Lives Out A Dream

Most golf enthusiasts dream of a trip to Augusta, Georgia. It is at the top of most golf-related bucket lists and for many, if they accomplish their dream, it’s a once in a lifetime excursion. LICSF alumnus Seve Garcia Corradi had the same dream as many. Not only was he able to live it, but he was able to live it for nearly a year as a Merchandise Operations Intern at Augusta National Golf Club.

Corradi graduated from the University of South Carolina in May of 2021 with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. Upon graduation, he was looking to pursue a career in finance when the internship at Augusta came to his attention.

“About halfway through my final semester, my professor in my golf tourism class came up to me and mentioned the internship at Augusta,” Corradi explained. “I was looking for a full-time position but it was too good of an opportunity to pass up.”

Corradi spent the summer after graduation caddieing and in August got the news that he was accepted to the position. Normally, the internship runs through December, but Corradi said he liked the experience so much he wanted to find a way to stay in the sunny south.

“I kind of pitched myself as the spring intern, because I liked being there so much,” said Corradi. “That worked out for me and so I was able to stay in Augusta through the end of May.”

Growing up in Oyster Bay on Long Island, Corradi said golf was always a big part of his life from an early age. He began classes with The First Tee around the time he was in kindergarten. Before that, Seve said he was running around his backyard with a set of plastic clubs, though he only knows this because of pictures hanging in his childhood home.

“It’s crazy, because I started that program so young and I still keep in touch with some friends I made from back when I first started,” he mentioned.

A golfer most of his life, Seve continued to play and compete when he went to high school. Before his freshman year, he made the choice to stop playing baseball and focus soley on his golf game.

“It was such a turning point and I’m so glad I did it,” said Corradi. “That was really where my love for the game took off and that’s when I really started practicing and grinding, even during the winter months, golf was a huge focus.”

The casual golfer goes out and plays a round or two every few weeks. Rarely do they hit the range to work on their swing. For some, the task is monotonous and even boring. For others, they simply don’t care enough. For Corradi, neither of those things could be further from the truth.

“Don’t get me wrong, I love going out and playing with buddies,” he said. “There is something about when you’re out there grinding though; there’s a different mentality. You’re just out there to get better and that’s how I was, I wanted to do anything I could to get my score down, to get my handicap lower. I just loved working on my game.”

True to form, Seve said he quickly improved thanks to hours of practice most days. His freshman year was a learning experience. He worked his way into the third and fourth slot on the team his sophomore year and then by his junior year he was making the County Tournament.

During his senior year of high school, Seve was getting better on the range, on the putting green and on the course as a player. He also was getting valuable experience in thinking the game; working as a caddie at Brookville Country Club.

“I got that job and loved it from the start,” said Corradi. “I would come back every summer I was in college and continue to work as a caddie. It was a great experience; I met a lot of fantastic people and I also really improved my own game.”

Corradi’s played club golf for the Gamecocks during his time in South Carolina and said that his experience as a caddie certainly helped him mentally when he was in a tight match. Though golf became more social in college – the club team didn’t have many matches against other schools – Seve still was competitive when it came to improving his game. That work ethic is something that born through golf but has no extended past the course for Corradi.

“Obviously golf can teach you so much,” he said. “For me, I think the biggest thing I got out of it was a strong work ethic. Working at Augusta you had to have that mentality because you work a lot of long days. I would just put it in perspective if I was having a rough day. I walk outside, look at where I’m working and just realize how lucky I am. The experience was certainly not lost on me.”

Corradi’s time in Augusta, Georgia has recently come to an end, but not before being able to share a round on that famous course with his favorite playing partner.

“I got to play there with my dad, I can’t even tell you how special that is to me,” said Corradi. “My parents have been so supportive. I just want to thank them for introducing me to the sport and for supporting my passion for it every step of the way. I can definitely say I wouldn’t be where I am without them.”

After four years of school and another after spent in the south, Corradi says his next move will keep him in warmer weather. He is pursuing a job in finance, interviewing with a few firms in the Charlotte area.

“The winters are a little less brutal here, so the golf season is much longer,” said Corradi. “That’s just another reason that makes me want to stay.”

After learning the game in the New York area, Seve is now sewing his roots down south. With an invaluable and unforgettable experience under his belt, he says he will head into the finance world with the ambition he took to Augusta National every day. While he won’t be working in golf anymore, there’s no doubt Corradi will continue to play and play often.

After all, he just loves to work on his game.