49 Knollwood Road, Elmsford NY 10523
(914) 347-2340


About the Long Island Caddie Scholarship Fund

49 Knollwood Road, Elmsford, NY 10523
Phone: (914) 347-2340  / E-mail: info@caddiescholarship.org

Our Mission

The Long Island Caddie Scholarship Fund (LICSF) provides need based financial assistance to deserving caddies and others who have worked in service to golf, assisting in the pursuit of a higher education.

Our History

The LICSF was founded in 1962 by George Sands, a long-time member of North Shore CC and dedicated volunteer for the LICSF, MGA and USGA. Since then the LICSF has awarded just under 900 scholarships totaling more than $4.8 million.


Awards cover up to four years of undergraduate study or for study at an accredited trade school. After the initial award, students submit annual transcripts and class schedules showing that they are continuing their education and renewal checks are issued.


Applicants must demonstrate financial need, have been accepted at or currently attend an accredited school, and have two years experience as a caddie or other role in service to golf, including working in the golf shop, bag room, practice range, or golf course. The applicant must be recommended by a representative of the member club where they work.


The Long Island Caddie Scholarship Fund is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation. Individual members and member golf clubs make donations to support the LICSF. The LICSF also conducts two annual fund raising events: Long Island CSF Golf Marathon, and Long Island CSF Golf Classic.

Caddieing has many benefits. First, walking 18 holes with one or two bags is a great form of exercise. Second, this activity can be a great summer job. Indeed, caddies experience a sense of camaraderie; the thrill of finding a golfer’s errant tee shot or giving the correct advice before he/she makes a long putt creates a sense of gratification. Third, caddieing offers the potential for a scholarship. Also, every spring, the MGA hosts caddie academies. Click here for the Caddie Academy schedule.